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stm32f30x_crc.h File Reference

This file contains all the functions prototypes for the CRC firmware library. More...

#include "stm32f30x.h"
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#define CRC_PolSize_16   CRC_CR_POLSIZE_0
#define CRC_PolSize_32   ((uint32_t)0x00000000)
#define CRC_PolSize_7   CRC_CR_POLSIZE
#define CRC_PolSize_8   CRC_CR_POLSIZE_1
#define CRC_ReverseInputData_16bits   CRC_CR_REV_IN_1
#define CRC_ReverseInputData_32bits   CRC_CR_REV_IN
#define CRC_ReverseInputData_8bits   CRC_CR_REV_IN_0
#define CRC_ReverseInputData_No   ((uint32_t)0x00000000)


uint32_t CRC_CalcBlockCRC (uint32_t pBuffer[], uint32_t BufferLength)
 Computes the 32-bit CRC of a given buffer of data word(32-bit). More...
uint32_t CRC_CalcCRC (uint32_t Data)
 Computes the 32-bit CRC of a given data word(32-bit). More...
uint32_t CRC_CalcCRC16bits (uint16_t CRC_Data)
 Computes the 16-bit CRC of a given 16-bit data. More...
uint32_t CRC_CalcCRC8bits (uint8_t CRC_Data)
 Computes the 8-bit CRC of a given 8-bit data. More...
void CRC_DeInit (void)
 Deinitializes CRC peripheral registers to their default reset values. More...
uint32_t CRC_GetCRC (void)
 Returns the current CRC value. More...
uint8_t CRC_GetIDRegister (void)
 Returns the 8-bit data stored in the Independent Data(ID) register. More...
void CRC_PolynomialSizeSelect (uint32_t CRC_PolSize)
 Selects the polynomial size. More...
void CRC_ResetDR (void)
 Resets the CRC Data register (DR). More...
void CRC_ReverseInputDataSelect (uint32_t CRC_ReverseInputData)
 Selects the reverse operation to be performed on input data. More...
void CRC_ReverseOutputDataCmd (FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disable the reverse operation on output data. The reverse operation on output data is performed on 32-bit. More...
void CRC_SetIDRegister (uint8_t IDValue)
 Stores a 8-bit data in the Independent Data(ID) register. More...
void CRC_SetInitRegister (uint32_t CRC_InitValue)
 Initializes the INIT register. More...
void CRC_SetPolynomial (uint32_t CRC_Pol)
 Initializes the polynomail coefficients. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains all the functions prototypes for the CRC firmware library.

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