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#define IS_RTC_GET_IT(IT)
#define IS_RTC_IT(IT)   ((((IT) & (uint16_t)0xFFF8) == 0x00) && ((IT) != 0x00))
#define RTC_IT_ALR   ((uint16_t)0x0002)
#define RTC_IT_OW   ((uint16_t)0x0004)
#define RTC_IT_SEC   ((uint16_t)0x0001)

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#define IS_RTC_GET_IT (   IT)
(((IT) == RTC_IT_OW) || ((IT) == RTC_IT_ALR) || \
((IT) == RTC_IT_SEC))
#define RTC_IT_ALR
Definition: stm32f10x_rtc.h:59
#define RTC_IT_OW
Definition: stm32f10x_rtc.h:58
#define RTC_IT_SEC
Definition: stm32f10x_rtc.h:60

Definition at line 62 of file stm32f10x_rtc.h.

#define IS_RTC_IT (   IT)    ((((IT) & (uint16_t)0xFFF8) == 0x00) && ((IT) != 0x00))

Definition at line 61 of file stm32f10x_rtc.h.

#define RTC_IT_ALR   ((uint16_t)0x0002)

Alarm interrupt

Definition at line 59 of file stm32f10x_rtc.h.

#define RTC_IT_OW   ((uint16_t)0x0004)

Overflow interrupt

Definition at line 58 of file stm32f10x_rtc.h.

#define RTC_IT_SEC   ((uint16_t)0x0001)

Second interrupt

Definition at line 60 of file stm32f10x_rtc.h.

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