ROS client for Roboception's grasp generation modules

This node provides ROS service calls and parameters for ItemPick node. For detail description of the ItemPick module check rc_visard manual:


On Debian/Ubuntu add the ROS sources and

1 sudo apt-get install ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-rc-pick-client

From Source

This package relies on git submodules for the cpr library which need to be initialized before building from source.

1 git submodule update --init --recursive



Since version 2.7, the device ID can be used instead of the sensor's IP address:

Dynamic reconfigure parameters


The following services are offered by the node:

For the BoxPick node, an additional service is offered:


Using command line parameters:

For the ItemPick module:

1 rosrun rc_pick_client rc_itempick_client_node _host:=<sensor_ip>

Since version 2.7:

1 rosrun rc_pick_client rc_itempick_client_node _device:=:<serial_number>

For the BoxPick module:

1 rosrun rc_pick_client rc_boxpick_client_node _host:=<sensor_ip>

Since version 2.7:

1 rosrun rc_pick_client rc_boxpick_client_node _device:=:<serial_number>

Author(s): Monika Florek-Jasinska
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