Code Used in this Tutorial Available

Code can be found at moveit_tutorials repository in doc folder. Use kinetic-devel branch.

Joystick Control Teleoperation


Startup regular MoveIt! planning node with Rviz (for example demo.launch)

Make sure you have the dependencies installed:

sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-joy

In the Motion Planning plugin of Rviz, enable “Allow External Comm.” checkbox in the “Planning” tab. Enable the ‘Query Goal State’ robot display in the MoveIt! Motion Planning Plugins’s ‘Planning Request’ section.

Now launch the joystick control launch file specific to your robot. If you are missing this file, first re-run the MoveIt! Setup Assistant using the latest version of the Setup Assistant:

roslaunch YOURROBOT_moveit_config joystick_control.launch

The script defaults to using /dev/input/js0 for your game controller port. To customize, you can also use, for example:

roslaunch YOURROBOT_moveit_config joystick_control.launch dev:=/dev/input/js1

This script can read four types of joysticks:

  1. XBox360 Controller via USB
  2. PS3 Controller via USB
  3. PS3 Controller via Bluetooth (Please use ps3joy package at
  4. Arctic USB Wireless Gamepad

Joystick Command Mappings

Command PS3 Controller Xbox Controller Arctic Controller
+-x/y left analog stick left analog stick left analog stick
+-z L2/R2 LT/RT L2/R2
+-yaw L1/R1 LB/RB L1/R1
+-roll left/right left/right left/right
+-pitch up/down up/down up/down
change planning group select/start Y/A 9/10
change end effector triangle/cross back/start 1/3
plan square X 4
execute circle B 2


Add “Pose” to rviz Displays and subscribe to /joy_pose in order to see the output from joystick.

Note that only planning groups that have IK solvers for all their End Effector parent groups will work.

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