Code Used in this Tutorial Available

Code can be found at moveit_tutorials repository in doc folder. Use kinetic-devel branch.

CHOMP Interface

Note: The chomp planner has not been tested extensively yet.

Run Generic Demo for Fanuc M-10iA

To run the demo you’ll need the moveit_resources package.

Once you have this package simply run:

roslaunch moveit_resources demo_chomp.launch


  1. You have the latest version of moveit installed. On ROS kinetic you may need to build it from source.
  2. You have a moveit configuration package for your robot already. For example, if you have a Kinova Jaco arm, it’s probably called “jaco_moveit_config”. This is typically built using the Moveit Setup Assistant.
  3. Lets assume that you are using the jaco manipulator. And hence, the moveit config package is jaco_moveit_config.

Using CHOMP with your own robot

  1. Simply download chomp_planning_pipeline.launch.xml file into the launch directory of your moveit config package. So into the jaco_moveit_config/launch directory.

  2. Adjust the line <rosparam command=”load” file=”$(find moveit_resources)/fanuc_moveit_config/config/chomp_planning.yaml” /> to <rosparam command=”load” file=”$(find jaco_moveit_config)/config/chomp_planning.yaml” />

  3. Download chomp_planning.yaml file into the config directory of your moveit config package. So into the jaco_moveit_config/config directory.

  4. Copy the demo.launch file to demo_chomp.launch. Note that this file is also in the launch directory of the jaco_moveit_config package.

  5. Find the lines where move_group.launch is included and change it to:

    <include file="$(find jaco_moveit_config)/launch/move_group.launch">
      <arg name="allow_trajectory_execution" value="true"/>
      <arg name="fake_execution" value="true"/>
      <arg name="info" value="true"/>
      <arg name="debug" value="$(arg debug)"/>
      <arg name="planner" value="chomp" />

You probably only need to change the planner arg to chomp.

  1. Run the demo:

    roslaunch jaco_moveit_config demo_chomp.launch

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