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pcl_ros_util.cpp File Reference
#include "jsk_recognition_utils/pcl_ros_util.h"
#include <pcl_conversions/pcl_conversions.h>
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bool jsk_recognition_utils::hasField (const std::string &field_name, const sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 &msg)
 check if sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 message has the specified field. More...
bool jsk_recognition_utils::isSameFrameId (const std::string &a, const std::string &b)
 Return true if a and b are the same frame_id. More...
bool jsk_recognition_utils::isSameFrameId (const std_msgs::Header &a, const std_msgs::Header &b)
 Return true if a and b have the same frame_id. More...
void jsk_recognition_utils::publishPointIndices (ros::Publisher &pub, const pcl::PointIndices &indices, const std_msgs::Header &header)
 Convert pcl::PointIndices to pcl_msgs::PointIndices and publish it with overriding header. More...

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