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 CSharedObjectThis is a class used for sharing an object between two cooperative threads. This class provides a mechanism to share an object between two cooperative threads. It does not inherently provide thread saftey via locking. Instead it relies on the two threads sharing the object to cooperate on when they access the object. One thread can write the data and mark it as locked. While it is locked the data can be read by the second thread. When the second thread is done reading the data it can unlock the object, at which point the first thread will be able to write a new value and lock it again
 CMetricManagerThe MetricsManager class is responsible for buffering metrics and sending them in bulk to a MetricsPublisher. The MetricsManager handles grouping metrics into buffers by namespace. It will periodically pass these buffers to a MetricsPublisher in order to send them out to CloudWatch. In order for periodic tasks to be executed the user should call the Service() function
 CMetricPublisherClass that handles sending metrics data to CloudWatch This class is responsible for emitting all the stored metrics to AWS CloudWatch. Metrics are published asynchronously using a thread. The thread waits on a condition variable and is signaled (by AWSCloudWatchMetricManager) whenever new metrics are available
 CCloudWatchFacadeThis class is a simple Facade over the CloudWatch client. This class is a very small abstraction over the CloudWatch client. It allows us to change the details of how we're communicating with CloudWatch without the need to expose this in the rest of our code. It also provides a shim for us to be able to Mock to unit test the rest of the code

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