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Member prosilica::Camera::setGain (unsigned int val, AutoSetting isauto=Manual)
Here and in setWhiteBalance, would be better to split off setGainMode etc. I didn't take into account there are cameras that don't support auto gain, auto white balance.
Member prosilica::Camera::start (FrameStartTriggerMode=Freerun, tPvFloat32 frame_rate=30, AcquisitionMode=Continuous)

verify this assert again

take this one also as an argument

Member prosilica::openCamera (boost::function< tPvErr(tPvCameraInfo *)> info_fn, boost::function< tPvErr(tPvAccessFlags)> open_fn)
support opening as monitor?
Member prosilica_camera::ProsilicaNodelet::processFrame (tPvFrame *frame, sensor_msgs::Image &img, sensor_msgs::CameraInfo &cam_info)

Match time stamp from frame to ROS time?

Binning values retrieved here may differ from the ones used to actually capture the frame! Maybe need to clear queue when changing binning and/or stuff binning values into context?

Member prosilica_camera::ProsilicaNodelet::reconfigureCallback (prosilica_camera::ProsilicaCameraConfig &config, uint32_t level)
Replicating logic from polledCallback

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