These are the specifications for the ros api of the interaction node. This is of interest for people using the api to (un)load interactions and also for the remocon implementation developer.

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  • ~get_interaction (rocon_interaction_msgs/GetInteraction) : used by the android headless launcher to get a single interactions details by hash.
  • ~get_interactions (rocon_interaction_msgs/GetInteractions) : used by all remocons to get a filtered set of compatible interactions by role and rocon_uri.
  • ~set_interactions (rocon_interaction_msgs/SetInteractions) : used to load and unload interactions on the interaction manager node.
  • ~get_roles (rocon_interaction_msgs/GetRoles) : introspect the currently loaded roles filtered by a rocon uri (‘’ or ‘rocon:/’ to get all).


  • ~rosbridge_address : if serving web apps, pop the rosbridge address here (default: localhost).
  • ~rosbridge_address : if serving web apps, pop the rosbridge port here (default: 9090).

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