lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > Member List
This is the complete list of members for lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >, including all inherited members.
addDistributionToCell(const Eigen::Matrix3d &ucov, const Eigen::Vector3d &umean, unsigned int numpointsindistribution, float r=0, float g=0, float b=0, unsigned int maxnumpoints=1e9, float max_occupancy=1024)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
addMeasurement(const Eigen::Vector3d &origin, PointT endpoint, double classifierTh, double maxz, double sensor_noise)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
addPointCloud(const Eigen::Vector3d &origin, const pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc, double classifierTh=0.06, double maxz=100.0, double sensor_noise=0.25, double occupancy_limit=255)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
addPointCloudMeanUpdate(const Eigen::Vector3d &origin, const pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc, const Eigen::Vector3d &localmapsize, unsigned int maxnumpoints=1e9, float occupancy_limit=255, double maxz=100.0, double sensor_noise=0.25)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
addPointCloudSimple(const pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc, double maxz=100.0)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
centerxlslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
centerylslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
centerzlslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
computeNDTCells(int cellupdatemode=CELL_UPDATE_MODE_SAMPLE_VARIANCE, unsigned int maxnumpoints=1e9, float occupancy_limit=255, Eigen::Vector3d origin=Eigen::Vector3d(0, 0, 0), double sensor_noise=0.1)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
computeNDTCellsSimple()lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
conflictPointslslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
debugToVRML(const char *fname, pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
getAllCells() const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getAllInitializedCells()lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getCellAtPoint(const PointT &refPoint, NDTCell< PointT > *&cell)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getCellForPoint(const PointT &refPoint, NDTCell< PointT > *&cell, bool checkForGaussian=true) const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getCellIdx(unsigned int idx) const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
getCellsForPoint(const PointT pt, int n_neighbours, bool checkForGaussian=true) const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getCentroid(double &cx, double &cy, double &cz)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline, virtual]
getDepth(Eigen::Vector3d origin, Eigen::Vector3d dir, double maxDepth=100)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
getDepthSmooth(Eigen::Vector3d origin, Eigen::Vector3d dir, double maxDepth=20, int n_neigh=1, double weight=5.0, double threshold=0.2, Eigen::Vector3d *hit=NULL)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
getGridSizeInMeters(double &cx, double &cy, double &cz)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
getInitializedCellsForPoint(const PointT pt) const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getLikelihoodForPoint(PointT pt)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
getMyIndex() const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
getMyIndexInt() const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
getMyIndexStr() const lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
guess_size_lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
guessSize(float cenx, float ceny, float cenz, float sizex, float sizey, float sizez)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
index_lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
initialize(double cenx, double ceny, double cenz, double sizex, double sizey, double sizez)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
is3Dlslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
isFirstLoad_lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
loadDepthImage(const cv::Mat &depthImage, DepthCamera< PointT > &cameraParams)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
loadDepthImageFeatures(const cv::Mat &depthImage, std::vector< cv::KeyPoint > &keypoints, size_t &supportSize, double maxVar, DepthCamera< PointT > &cameraParams, bool estimateParamsDI=false, bool nonMean=false)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
loadFromJFF(const char *filename)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
loadPointCloud(const pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc, double range_limit=-1)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
loadPointCloud(const pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc, const std::vector< std::vector< size_t > > &indices)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
loadPointCloudCentroid(const pcl::PointCloud< PointT > &pc, const Eigen::Vector3d &origin, const Eigen::Vector3d &old_centroid, const Eigen::Vector3d &map_size, double range_limit)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
map_sizexlslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
map_sizeylslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
map_sizezlslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
NDTMap()lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
NDTMap(SpatialIndex< PointT > *idx)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
NDTMap(const NDTMap &other)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
NDTMap(SpatialIndex< PointT > *idx, float cenx, float ceny, float cenz, float sizex, float sizey, float sizez)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
numberOfActiveCells()lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
pseudoTransformNDT(Eigen::Transform< double, 3, Eigen::Affine, Eigen::ColMajor > T)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
pseudoTransformNDTMap(Eigen::Transform< double, 3, Eigen::Affine, Eigen::ColMajor > T)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
setMapSize(float sx, float sy, float sz)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
setMode(bool is3D_)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline]
update_setlslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [protected]
writeCellVectorJFF(FILE *jffout)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
writeLazyGridJFF(FILE *jffout)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
writeOctTreeJFF(FILE *jffout)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
writeToJFF(const char *filename)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
writeToVRML(const char *filename)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT >
writeToVRML(FILE *fout)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
writeToVRML(FILE *fout, Eigen::Vector3d col)lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [virtual]
~NDTMap()lslgeneric::NDTMap< PointT > [inline, virtual]

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