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An extension of ViSP library that interfaces ROS into usual ViSP classes and a basket of generic ros nodes based on ViSP.


visp_ros is an extension of ViSP library developed by Inria Rainbow team. While ViSP is independent from ROS, in visp_ros we benefit from ROS features.

visp_ros contains a library:

  • with new C++ classes (vpROSGrabber, vpROSRobot, vpROSRobotPioneer, vpROSRobotFrankaCoppeliasim) that could be used like usual ViSP classes. They are based on ROS, but to use them there is no need to know so much about ROS;
  • that makes possible to use ROS in a transparent way, either by building classical binaries without catkin, either by building ROS nodes with catkin but without the need to write ROS specific code;
  • where creating a ROS node out of ViSP becomes simple.

visp_ros contains also a set of ROS nodes that allow to control specific hardware such as for the moment:

  • robots that can be controlled only in our lab due to proprietary drivers: Afma6 gantry robot, Biclops PT head, ADEPT Viper 650 and 850 robots described here;
  • other robots that anyone can buy and use with open-source drivers interfaced in ViSP: Pioneer mobile robot, Parrot bebop2 drone

visp_ros contains also a tutorial that shows how to simulate a Franka Panda robot using CoppeliaSim.


Author(s): Francois Pasteau, Fabien Spindler, Gatien Gaumerais, Alexander Oliva
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