gcc (using Makefile)

This guide shows how to compile the library and the executable with the library.

Install library

Expand the package. And compile & install using by make command.

% unzip urg_library-1.0.2.zip
% cd urg_library-1.0.2/
% make
% sudo make install 

The default installation directory on linux was lib/, bin/ and bin/ under /usr/local directory. Please edit the description of PREFIX in urg_library-1.0.2/Makefile if you change the installation location for these directories.

This is an example of text to change installation directory to /usr/. (edit urg_library-1.0.2/Makefile)

PREFIX = /usr 

Compile program with library

Example of command to compile test.c file.

% gcc -I/usr/local/include/urg_c test.c -o test -lurg_c -lm

You can write like this by using urg_c-config script.

% gcc `urg_c-config --cflags` test.c -o test `urg_c-config --libs` -lm

Author(s): Satofumi Kamimura , Katsumi Kimoto, Adrian Boeing
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