tf_ros2 Python API


exception tf2.TransformException

base class for tf exceptions. Because tf2.TransformException is the base class for other exceptions, you can catch all tf exceptions by writing:

    # do some tf2 work
except tf2.TransformException:
    print "some tf2 exception happened"
exception tf2.ConnectivityException

subclass of TransformException. Raised when that the fixed_frame tree is not connected between the frames requested.

exception tf2.LookupException

subclass of TransformException. Raised when a tf method has attempted to access a frame, but the frame is not in the graph. The most common reason for this is that the frame is not being published, or a parent frame was not set correctly causing the tree to be broken.

exception tf2.ExtrapolationException

subclass of TransformException Raised when a tf method would have required extrapolation beyond current limits.

exception tf2.InvalidArgumentException

subclass of TransformException. Raised when the arguments to the method are called improperly formed. An example of why this might be raised is if an argument is nan.