ROS client for Roboception's ItemPick and BoxPick modules

This package is not developed anymore. New clients are available in the rc_reason_clients_ros repository.

This node provides ROS service calls and parameters for ItemPick node. For detail description of the ItemPick module check rc_visard manual:


On Debian/Ubuntu add the ROS sources and

sudo apt-get install ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-rc-pick-client

From Source

This package relies on git submodules for the cpr library which need to be initialized before building from source.

git submodule update --init --recursive



  • device: The ID of the device, i.e. Roboception rc_visard sensor. This can be either:
    • serial number, e.g. 02912345. IMPORTANT: preceed with a colon (:02912345) when passing this on the commandline or setting it via rosparam (see This is not neccessary when specifying it as a string in a launch file.
    • user defined name (factory default is the name of the rc_visard's model), must be unique among all reachable sensors.
  • host: If device is not used: The IP address or hostname of the rc_visard

Dynamic reconfigure parameters

  • cluster_max_dimension: Indicates how much the estimated load carrier dimensions are allowed to differ from the load carrier model dimensions in meters
  • cluster_max_curvature: Maximum curvature allowed within one cluster. The smaller this value, the more clusters will be split apart.
  • clustering_patch_size: Size in pixels of the square patches the depth map is subdivided into during the first clustering step
  • clustering_max_surface_rmse: Maximum root-mean-square error (RMSE) in meters of points belonging to a surface
  • clustering_discontinuity_factor: Factor used to discriminate depth discontinuities within a patch. The smaller this value, the more clusters will be split apart.
  • max_grasps: Maximum number of provided grasps.


The following services are offered by the node:

  • compute_grasps: Triggers the computation of grasping poses for a suction device. All images used by the node are guaranteed to be newer than the service trigger time.

For the BoxPick node, an additional service is offered:

  • detect_items: Triggers the detection of rectangles.


Using command line parameters:

For the ItemPick module:

rosrun rc_pick_client rc_itempick_client_node _device:=:<serial_number>

For the BoxPick module:

rosrun rc_pick_client rc_boxpick_client_node _device:=:<serial_number>

Author(s): Monika Florek-Jasinska
autogenerated on Sun May 15 2022 02:24:50