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kdl_parser.hpp File Reference
#include <kdl/tree.hpp>
#include <string>
#include <urdf_model/model.h>
#include <tinyxml2.h>
#include <tinyxml.h>
#include "kdl_parser/visibility_control.hpp"
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KDL_PARSER_PUBLIC bool kdl_parser::treeFromFile (const std::string &file, KDL::Tree &tree)
KDL_PARSER_PUBLIC bool kdl_parser::treeFromParam (const std::string &param, KDL::Tree &tree)
KDL_PARSER_PUBLIC bool kdl_parser::treeFromString (const std::string &xml, KDL::Tree &tree)
KDL_PARSER_PUBLIC bool kdl_parser::treeFromUrdfModel (const urdf::ModelInterface &robot_model, KDL::Tree &tree)
KDL_PARSER_PUBLIC bool kdl_parser::treeFromXml (const tinyxml2::XMLDocument *xml_doc, KDL::Tree &tree)
KDL_PARSER_PUBLIC bool kdl_parser::treeFromXml (TiXmlDocument *xml_doc, KDL::Tree &tree)

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