jackal_msgs/Status Message

File: jackal_msgs/Status.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This message represents Jackal's lower-frequency status updates
# Default publish frequency is 1Hz.

Header header

# Commit of firmware source.
string hardware_id

# Times since MCU power-on and MCU rosserial connection, respectively.
duration mcu_uptime
duration connection_uptime

# Monitoring the run/stop loop. Changes in these values trigger an immediate
# publish, outside the ordinarily-scheduled 1Hz updates.
bool drivers_active
bool driver_external_stop_present
bool driver_external_stop_stopped

# Voltage rails, in volts
# Averaged over the message period
float32 measured_battery
float32 measured_12v
float32 measured_5v

# Current senses available on platform, in amps.
# Averaged over the message period
float32 drive_current
float32 user_current
float32 computer_current
float32 total_current

# Highest total system current peak as measured in a 1ms window.
float32 total_current_peak

# Integration of all power consumption since MCU power-on, in watt-hours.
float64 total_power_consumed 

Compact Message Definition

std_msgs/Header header
string hardware_id
duration mcu_uptime
duration connection_uptime
bool drivers_active
bool driver_external_stop_present
bool driver_external_stop_stopped
float32 measured_battery
float32 measured_12v
float32 measured_5v
float32 drive_current
float32 user_current
float32 computer_current
float32 total_current
float32 total_current_peak
float64 total_power_consumed