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bodies.h File Reference
#include "geometric_shapes/aabb.h"
#include "geometric_shapes/obb.h"
#include "geometric_shapes/shapes.h"
#include <eigen_stl_containers/eigen_stl_containers.h>
#include <random_numbers/random_numbers.h>
#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
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class  bodies::Body
 A body is a shape + its pose. Point inclusion, ray intersection can be tested, volumes and bounding spheres can be computed. More...
class  bodies::BodyVector
 A vector of Body objects. More...
struct  bodies::BoundingCylinder
 Definition of a cylinder. More...
struct  bodies::BoundingSphere
 Definition of a sphere that bounds another object. More...
class  bodies::Box
 Definition of a box. More...
class  bodies::ConvexMesh
 Definition of a convex mesh. Convex hull is computed for a given shape::Mesh. More...
class  bodies::Cylinder
 Definition of a cylinder. More...
class  bodies::Sphere
 Definition of a sphere. More...


 This set of classes allows quickly detecting whether a given point is inside an object or not. This capability is useful when removing points from inside the robot (when the robot sees its arms, for example).


typedef std::shared_ptr< const Body > bodies::BodyConstPtr
 Shared pointer to a const Body. More...
typedef std::shared_ptr< Body > bodies::BodyPtr
 Shared pointer to a Body. More...

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