fake_localization Documentation
Ioan Sucan


A ROS node that simply forwards odometry information.

odom_localization Takes in ground truth pose information for a robot base (e.g., from a simulator or motion capture system) and republishes it as if a localization system were in use.


$ fake_localization

ROS topics

Subscribes to (name/type):

  • "base_pose_ground_truth" nav_msgs/Odometry : robot's odometric pose. Only the position information is used (velocity is ignored).

Publishes to (name / type):

  • "amcl_pose" geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped : robot's estimated pose in the map, with covariance
  • "particlecloud" geometry_msgs/PoseArray : fake set of poses being maintained by the filter (one paricle only).

ROS parameters

  • "~odom_frame_id" (string) : The odometry frame to be used, default: "odom"

Author(s): Ioan A. Sucan, contradict@gmail.com
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