ecl_console Documentation


Color codes for ansii consoles.

Embedded Control Library

    Provides a ansii colour library for the ansii console.

Compiling & Linking

    Just include the following at the top of any translation unit which
    requires this library:

    #include <ecl/console.hpp>

// Interface classes
using ecl::CmdLine;
using ecl::ArgException
// Argument classes
using ecl::SwitchArg;
using ecl::ValueArg;
using ecl::MultiArg;
using ecl::UnlabeledValueArg; 
using ecl::UnlabeledMultiArg; // there are more - see tclap docs

    Since it is a template header library, no linking is required if you are
    only using these classes.


Further Help (termcolor)

Most of termcolor's doxygen is generated automatically inside the ecl. For more detailed documentation, read the manual at readthedocs home page.


    - <b>Oct 15</b> : initial import of the termcolor headers.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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