Pinocchio PyBind11 helpers

This package provides utilities to ease the use of Pinocchio objects when using PyBind11. There are two methods:

  1. The developer-friendly but likely less user-friendly method: PINOCCHIO_PYBIND11_TYPE_CASTER
  2. The user-friendly but less developer-friendly method: pinocchio::python::make_pybind11_function

Both methods can be mixed. For both cases, you may

// with necessary #define. See below

to get some Predefined casters.


#define SCALAR double
#define OPTIONS 0
#define JOINT_MODEL_COLLECTION ::pinocchio::JointCollectionDefaultTpl
// method 1
m.def("function", my_function);
// method 2
m.def("function", pinocchio::python::make_pybind11_function(my_function));

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