opt_camera Documentation



opt_cam is camera_driver code for NM30/33 from OPT Coorp

Driver (once par computer)

We need OPT-JSK original kernel uvcvideo driver for NM30/33 camera. Compile them under jvl directory.

$ cd $CVSDIR/jvl/extlib
$ make uvcvideo
$ make install-uvcvideo

Driver (every time after reboot)

$ sudo rmmod uvcvideo

Unplug and plug USB cable.

$ sudo modprobe uvcvideo-nm30
$ roscd opt_cam
$ sudo -E ./bin/init_xu_register

Check device file(/dev/videoXXX) that NM33 connected to

NM30 camera driver

$ roscd opt_cam
$ vi launch/opt_nm33camera.launch 

edit following line in launch file to indecate which /dev/videoXXX file is connected to NM30/33 cmaera.

      <param name="camera_index" value="1" />

Usually, value=1 for a note pc with front camera, value=0 for a desktop machine.

Then, start camera driver and camera viewer

$ roslaunch opt_cam opt_nm33camera.launch 
$ roslaunch opt_cam opt_imageview.launch 

NM30 camera driver

This is update version of image_view to accpet :draw-on like message

$ rosrun image_view2 image_view2 image:=/camera/image_wide

NM30 camera driver

Saliency tracker node from The University of Arizona, Saliency tracking is based on the Nick's Machine Perception Toolkit (NMPT).

$ rosrun saliency_tracking  saliency_track  image:=/camera/image_wide

EusLisp code

(pushnew (format nil "~A/euslisp/"
                 (read-line (piped-fork "rospack find roseus")))
         *load-path* :test #'equal)
(load "roseus.l")

(roseus-add-msgs "roslib")
(roseus-add-msgs "roseus")
(roseus-add-msgs "geometry_msgs")
(roseus-add-msgs "image_view2")



(roseus "sliency-client")

(defun saliency-cb (poi)
  (setq mrk (instance image_view2::ImageMarker2 :init))
  (print (list (send poi :x) (send poi :y)))
  (send mrk :type image_view2::POINTS)
  (send mrk :points (list poi))
  (ros::ros-info "~A" poi)
  (ros::publish "image_marker" mrk)

(ros::advertise "image_marker" image_view2::ImageMarker2 1)
(ros::subscribe "saliency_poi" geometry_msgs::Point #'saliency-cb)

(ros::rate 10)
(while (ros::ok)

Code API

Author(s): Kei Okada
autogenerated on Sat Jun 24 2023 02:40:31