Defining a Motion Plan Request

The most flexible way to interact with motion planning at the ROS level is through the GetMotionPlan and ComputePlanningBenchmark services. This is also the most complex way, so if you are looking for something simple that just moves e.g., the arm, to a specified pose or joint state, please see the MoveGroup action. For C++ interfaces, plase see the planninginterface section".

The ROS services for motion planning share most of the request part of the service: the MotionPlanRequest message.

The MotionPlanRequest Message

The content of this message may look intimidating, but most of its fields are optional:

The GetMotionPlan service

The request to this service is simply a motion planning request as described above. The result includes the following members:

The ComputePlanningBenchmark service

This service is used for computing benchmarks for various motion planners

(i'm still changing this service after the discussion on Mar 15; will finish this section later)

Author(s): Ioan Sucan , Sachin Chitta
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