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topic_names.h File Reference
#include <string>
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static const std::string xpp_msgs::joint_desired ("/xpp/joint_des")
static const std::string xpp_msgs::robot_parameters ("/xpp/params")
static const std::string xpp_msgs::robot_state_current ("/xpp/state_curr")
static const std::string xpp_msgs::robot_state_desired ("/xpp/state_des")
static const std::string xpp_msgs::robot_trajectory_desired ("/xpp/trajectory_des")
static const std::string xpp_msgs::terrain_info ("/xpp/terrain_info")

Detailed Description

Defines ROS topic names to be used to more reliably connect publisher and subscriber nodes.

Definition in file topic_names.h.

Author(s): Alexander W. Winkler
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