nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >, including all inherited members.

data_nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >protected
default_value_nav_grid::NavGrid< T >protected
getFrameId() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getHeight() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getIndex(unsigned int mx, unsigned int my) const nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inline
getIndex(double x, double y) const nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inline
getInfo() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getOriginX() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getOriginY() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getResolution() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getValue(const unsigned int x, const unsigned int y) const overridenav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inlinevirtual
nav_grid::NavGrid::getValue(const Index &index)nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
getWidth() const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
indexToCells(unsigned int index, unsigned int &mx, unsigned int &my) const nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inline
info_nav_grid::NavGrid< T >protected
NavGrid(const T default_value=T{})nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inlineexplicit
operator()(const unsigned int x, const unsigned int y) const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
operator()(const Index &index) const nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
operator[](unsigned int i) const nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inline
operator[](unsigned int i)nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inline
reset() overridenav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inlinevirtual
setDefaultValue(const T new_value)nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
setInfo(const NavGridInfo &new_info) overridenav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inlinevirtual
setValue(const unsigned int x, const unsigned int y, const T &value) overridenav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inlinevirtual
nav_grid::NavGrid::setValue(const Index &index, const T &value)nav_grid::NavGrid< T >inline
size() const nav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inline
updateInfo(const NavGridInfo &new_info) overridenav_grid::VectorNavGrid< T >inlinevirtual

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