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path_ops.cpp File Reference
#include <nav_2d_utils/path_ops.h>
#include <nav_2d_utils/geometry_help.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <vector>
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using nav_2d_utils::PoseList = std::vector< geometry_msgs::Pose2D >


void nav_2d_utils::addPose (nav_2d_msgs::Path2D &path, double x, double y, double theta=0.0)
 Convenience function to add a pose to a path in one line. More...
nav_2d_msgs::Path2D nav_2d_utils::adjustPlanResolution (const nav_2d_msgs::Path2D &global_plan_in, double resolution)
 Increase plan resolution to match that of the costmap by adding points linearly between points. More...
nav_2d_msgs::Path2D nav_2d_utils::compressPlan (const nav_2d_msgs::Path2D &input_path, double epsilon=0.1)
 Decrease the length of the plan by eliminating colinear points. More...
PoseList nav_2d_utils::compressPlan (const PoseList &input, unsigned int start_index, unsigned int end_index, double epsilon)
 Helper function for other version of compressPlan. More...
double nav_2d_utils::getPlanLength (const nav_2d_msgs::Path2D &plan, const unsigned int start_index=0)
 Calculate the length of the plan, starting from the given index. More...
double nav_2d_utils::getPlanLength (const nav_2d_msgs::Path2D &plan, const geometry_msgs::Pose2D &query_pose)
 Calculate the length of the plan from the pose on the plan closest to the given pose. More...
double nav_2d_utils::poseDistance (const geometry_msgs::Pose2D &pose0, const geometry_msgs::Pose2D &pose1)
 Calculate the linear distance between two poses. More...

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