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parameters.h File Reference
#include <ros/ros.h>
#include <string>
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template<class param_t >
param_t nav_2d_utils::loadParameterWithDeprecation (const ros::NodeHandle &nh, const std::string current_name, const std::string old_name, const param_t &default_value)
 Load a parameter from one of two namespaces. Complain if it uses the old name. More...
template<class param_t >
void nav_2d_utils::moveDeprecatedParameter (const ros::NodeHandle &nh, const std::string current_name, const std::string old_name)
 If a deprecated parameter exists, complain and move to its new location. More...
template<class param_t >
void nav_2d_utils::moveParameter (const ros::NodeHandle &nh, std::string old_name, std::string current_name, param_t default_value, bool should_delete=true)
 Move a parameter from one place to another. More...
template<class param_t >
param_t nav_2d_utils::searchAndGetParam (const ros::NodeHandle &nh, const std::string &param_name, const param_t &default_value)
 Search for a parameter and load it, or use the default value. More...

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