Deprecated List
Member log4cpp::Category::getAppender () const
use getAppender(const std::string&)
Member log4cpp::Category::ownsAppender () const
use ownsAppender(Appender*)
Member log4cpp::Category::setAppender (Appender &appender)
use addAppender(Appender&) instead.
Member log4cpp::Category::setAppender (Appender *appender)
use addAppender(Appender*) or removeAllAppenders() instead.
Class log4cpp::SimpleConfigurator
As of version 0.3.2 log4cpp includes a log4j format compatible PropertyConfigurator, removing the need for SimpleConfigurator. This class will be removed in 0.4.0.

Author(s): Stephen Roderick, Bastiaan Bakker, Cedric Le Goater, Steve Ostlind, Marcel Harkema, Walter Stroebel, Glenn Scott and Tony Cheung
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