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Most implementations (windows, posix, ...) have slightly different api for low level input-output functions. These are gathered here and re-represented with a cross platform set of functions.

Embedded Control Library

    This package provides cross platform api to some of the lower level
    socket functions available on different platforms. Currently there is
    only minor support for a few functions on:

    - Windows
    - Posix

Compiling & Linking

    Include the following at the top of any translation unit which
    requires this library:
#include <ecl/io.hpp>
// Cross platform functions

You will also need to link to -lecl_io.


    - init_sockets() : initialises winsock on windows.
    - shutdown_sockets() : shuts down winsock on windows.
    - poll_sockets() : a drop in for the posix poll function on windoze.
    - socketpair() : a drop in for the posix socketpair function on windoze.
    - close_socket() : standardises the api for closing a socket.

    A drop in for poll() on windoze is soon to come.


    Really rough, no tests yet, just some examples.

    - src/examples/poll.cpp : tests the basic sockets api.
    - src/examples/sockets.cpp : tests the basic sockets api.
    - src/examples/socketpair.cpp : tests the socketpair drop-in for windows.


    - <b>Feb 11</b> : a drop-in for the socketpair function added for windows.
    - <b>Jan 11</b> : simple cross platform types and api added.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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