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angles.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <cmath>
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static bool angles::find_min_max_delta (double from, double left_limit, double right_limit, double &result_min_delta, double &result_max_delta)
 This function is only intended for internal use and not intended for external use. If you do use it, read the documentation very carefully. Returns the min and max amount (in radians) that can be moved from "from" angle to "left_limit" and "right_limit". More...
static double angles::from_degrees (double degrees)
 Convert degrees to radians. More...
static double angles::normalize_angle (double angle)
 normalize More...
static double angles::normalize_angle_positive (double angle)
 normalize_angle_positive More...
static double angles::shortest_angular_distance (double from, double to)
 shortest_angular_distance More...
static bool angles::shortest_angular_distance_with_limits (double from, double to, double left_limit, double right_limit, double &shortest_angle)
 Returns the delta from "from_angle" to "to_angle" making sure it does not violate limits specified by left_limit and right_limit. The valid interval of angular positions is [left_limit,right_limit]. E.g., [-0.25,0.25] is a 0.5 radians wide interval that contains 0. But [0.25,-0.25] is a 2*M_PI-0.5 wide interval that contains M_PI (but not 0). The value of shortest_angle is the angular difference between "from" and "to" that lies within the defined valid interval. E.g. shortest_angular_distance_with_limits(-0.5,0.5,0.25,-0.25,ss) evaluates ss to 2*M_PI-1.0 and returns true while shortest_angular_distance_with_limits(-0.5,0.5,-0.25,0.25,ss) returns false since -0.5 and 0.5 do not lie in the interval [-0.25,0.25]. More...
static double angles::to_degrees (double radians)
 Convert radians to degrees. More...
static double angles::two_pi_complement (double angle)
 returns the angle in [-2*M_PI, 2*M_PI] going the other way along the unit circle. More...

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