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common.hpp File Reference
#include <tf/tf.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Pose.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/PoseStamped.h>
#include <ecl/config/macros.hpp>
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template<typename T >
mtk::mean (const std::vector< T > &v)
template<typename T >
mtk::median (const std::vector< T > &v)
template<typename T >
std::string mtk::nb2str (T x)
ECL_DEPRECATED const char * mtk::point2str (const geometry_msgs::Point &point)
std::string mtk::point2str2D (const geometry_msgs::Point &point)
std::string mtk::point2str2D (const geometry_msgs::PointStamped &point)
std::string mtk::point2str3D (const geometry_msgs::Point &point)
std::string mtk::point2str3D (const geometry_msgs::PointStamped &point)
ECL_DEPRECATED const char * mtk::pose2str (const geometry_msgs::Pose &pose)
ECL_DEPRECATED const char * mtk::pose2str (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &pose)
std::string mtk::pose2str2D (const geometry_msgs::Pose &pose)
std::string mtk::pose2str2D (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &pose)
std::string mtk::pose2str3D (const geometry_msgs::Pose &pose)
std::string mtk::pose2str3D (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &pose)
void mtk::pose2tf (const geometry_msgs::Pose &pose, tf::Transform &tf)
void mtk::pose2tf (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &pose, tf::StampedTransform &tf)
template<typename T >
mtk::sign (T x)
template<typename T >
mtk::std_dev (const std::vector< T > &v)
void mtk::tf2pose (const tf::Transform &tf, geometry_msgs::Pose &pose)
void mtk::tf2pose (const tf::StampedTransform &tf, geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &pose)
template<typename T >
mtk::variance (const std::vector< T > &v)
std::string mtk::vector2str3D (const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &vector)
std::string mtk::vector2str3D (const geometry_msgs::Vector3Stamped &vector)

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