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uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_proportional.ThrusterProportional Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def get_command_value (self, thrust)
def get_thrust_value (self, command)

Static Public Attributes

string LABEL = 'proportional'

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Detailed Description

This model corresponds to the linear relation between a function
abs(command)*command of the command input (usually the command angular
velocity) to the thrust force. A constant gain has to be provided.

> *Input arguments*

* `index` (*type:* `int`): Thruster's ID.
* `topic` (*type:* `str`): Thruster's command topic.
* `pos` (*type:* `numpy.array` or `list`): Position vector 
of the thruster with respect to the vehicle's frame.
* `orientation` (*type:* `numpy.array` or `list`): Quaternion 
with the orientation of the thruster with respect to the vehicle's
frame as `(qx, qy, qz, qw)`.
* `axis` (*type:* `numpy.array`): Axis of rotation of the thruster.
* `gain` (*type:* `float`): Constant gain.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_proportional.ThrusterProportional.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_proportional.ThrusterProportional.get_command_value (   self,
Compute the angular velocity necessary 
for the desired thrust force.

> *Input arguments*

* `thrust` (*type:* `float`): Thrust force magnitude in N

> *Returns*

`float`: Angular velocity set-point for the thruster in rad/s 

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def uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_proportional.ThrusterProportional.get_thrust_value (   self,
Computes the thrust force for the given angular velocity

> *Input arguments*

* `command` (*type:* `float`): Angular velocity set-point for 
the thruster in rad/s 

> *Returns*

`thrust` (*type:* `float`): Thrust force magnitude in N

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Member Data Documentation


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string uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_proportional.ThrusterProportional.LABEL = 'proportional'

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