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uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_custom.ThrusterCustom Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def get_command_value (self, thrust)
def get_thrust_value (self, command)

Static Public Attributes

string LABEL = 'custom'

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Detailed Description

Class describing a custom conversion curve between the command input,
usually the angular velocity, and the correspondent output thrust force.
Here the inverse of the conversion function can be computed so that the
command for the desired thrust force is retrieved.
The input vector corresponds to sampled values for the command input, and
the output vector corresponds to the sampled values for the correspondent
thrust forces.
This information is usually available in the datasheet of the thruster's

> *Input arguments*

* `index` (*type:* `int`): Thruster's ID.
* `topic` (*type:* `str`): Thruster's command topic.
* `pos` (*type:* `numpy.array` or `list`): Position vector 
of the thruster with respect to the vehicle's frame.
* `orientation` (*type:* `numpy.array` or `list`): Quaternion 
with the orientation of the thruster with respect to the vehicle's
frame as `(qx, qy, qz, qw)`.
* `axis` (*type:* `numpy.array`): Axis of rotation of the thruster.
* `input` (*type:* `list` or `numpy.array`): Vector samples of 
angular velocities to be interpolated with the vector samples
of thrust force output.
* `output` (*type:* `list` or `numpy.array`): Vector samples
of thrust force output.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_custom.ThrusterCustom.__init__ (   self,
Class constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

def uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_custom.ThrusterCustom.get_command_value (   self,
Compute the angular velocity necessary 
for the desired thrust force.

> *Input arguments*

* `thrust` (*type:* `float`): Thrust force magnitude in N

> *Returns*

`float`: Angular velocity set-point for the thruster in rad/s 

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def uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_custom.ThrusterCustom.get_thrust_value (   self,
Computes the thrust force for the given angular velocity

> *Input arguments*

* `command` (*type:* `float`): Angular velocity set-point for 
the thruster in rad/s 

> *Returns*

`thrust` (*type:* `float`): Thrust force magnitude in N

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string uuv_thrusters.models.thruster_custom.ThrusterCustom.LABEL = 'custom'

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