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urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.ValueType Class Reference
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def equals (self, a, b)
def from_xml (self, node)
def write_xml (self, node, value)

Detailed Description

Primitive value type 

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Member Function Documentation

def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.ValueType.equals (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.ValueType.from_xml (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.ValueType.write_xml (   self,
If type has 'write_xml', this function should expect to have it's own
XML already created i.e., In Axis.to_sdf(self, node), 'node' would be
the 'axis' element.
@todo Add function that makes an XML node completely independently?

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