Stage simulates a 'world' composed of `models', defined in a `world file'.

API: Stg::World

Worldfile properties

Summary and default values
name                     <worldfile name>
interval_sim            100
quit_time                 0
resolution                0.02

show_clock                0
show_clock_interval     100
threads                   1
  1. Values of less than 1 will be forced to 1.
More examples
The Stage source distribution contains several example world files in (stage src)/worlds along with the worldfile properties described on the manual page for each model type.

Author(s): Richard Vaughan , Brian Gerkey , Reed Hedges , Andrew Howard , Toby Collett , Pooya Karimian , Jeremy Asher , Alex Couture-Beil , Geoff Biggs , Rich Mattes , Abbas Sadat
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