The Stage standalone robot simulator.

Here is where I describe the Stage standalone program.

USAGE: stage [options] <worldfile1> [worldfile2 ... ]

Available [options] are:

–clock : print simulation time peridically on standard output

-c : equivalent to –clock

–gui : run without a GUI

-g : equivalent to –gui

–help : print this message

–args "str" : define an argument string to be passed to all controllers

-a "str" : equivalent to –args "str"

-h : equivalent to –help"

-? : equivalent to –help

Author(s): Richard Vaughan , Brian Gerkey , Reed Hedges , Andrew Howard , Toby Collett , Pooya Karimian , Jeremy Asher , Alex Couture-Beil , Geoff Biggs , Rich Mattes , Abbas Sadat
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