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RTT::types::StdTypeInfo< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <StdTypeInfo.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool composeType (base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr source, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr result) const
virtual base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr decomposeType (base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr source) const
 StdTypeInfo (const char *type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< T, true >
virtual base::ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr buildRemoteChannelOutput (base::OutputPortInterface &output_port, types::TypeInfo const *type_info, base::InputPortInterface &input, const ConnPolicy &policy)
bool installTypeInfoObject (TypeInfo *ti)
 TemplateTypeInfo (std::string name)
virtual ~TemplateTypeInfo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >
virtual bool decomposeType (base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr source, PropertyBag &targetbag) const
boost::shared_ptr< PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream > > getSharedPtr ()
TypeInfogetTypeInfoObject () const
virtual const std::string & getTypeName () const
virtual bool isStreamable () const
 PrimitiveTypeInfo (std::string name)
virtual std::istream & read (std::istream &os, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr out) const
virtual std::ostream & write (std::ostream &os, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr in) const
virtual ~PrimitiveTypeInfo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::TypeInfoGenerator
virtual ~TypeInfoGenerator ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::TemplateValueFactory< T >
base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr buildActionAlias (base::ActionInterface *action, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr in) const
base::AttributeBasebuildAlias (std::string name, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr in) const
base::AttributeBasebuildAttribute (std::string name, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr in) const
base::AttributeBasebuildConstant (std::string name, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr dsb) const
virtual base::PropertyBasebuildProperty (const std::string &name, const std::string &desc, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr source=0) const
virtual base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr buildReference (void *ptr) const
virtual base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr buildValue () const
base::AttributeBasebuildVariable (std::string name) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::ValueFactory
virtual ~ValueFactory ()
virtual base::AttributeBasebuildConstant (std::string name, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr, int sizehint) const
virtual base::AttributeBasebuildVariable (std::string name, int sizehint) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::StreamFactory
virtual ~StreamFactory ()
virtual std::string toString (base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr in) const
virtual bool fromString (const std::string &value, base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr out) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::TemplateConnFactory< T >
base::ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr buildChannelInput (base::OutputPortInterface &port, ConnPolicy const &policy) const
base::ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr buildChannelOutput (base::InputPortInterface &port, ConnPolicy const &policy) const
base::ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr buildDataStorage (ConnPolicy const &policy) const
internal::SharedConnectionBase::shared_ptr buildSharedConnection (base::OutputPortInterface *output_port, base::InputPortInterface *input_port, ConnPolicy const &policy) const
base::InputPortInterfaceinputPort (std::string const &name) const
base::OutputPortInterfaceoutputPort (std::string const &name) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::TemplateCompositionFactory< T >
virtual bool composeTypeImpl (const PropertyBag &source, typename internal::AssignableDataSource< T >::reference_t result) const
virtual bool decomposeTypeImpl (typename internal::AssignableDataSource< T >::const_reference_t source, PropertyBag &targetbag) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::types::CompositionFactory
virtual base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr convertType (base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr source) const
virtual ~CompositionFactory ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< T, true >
typedef T UserType
- Public Types inherited from RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >
typedef T DataType
- Public Types inherited from RTT::types::TemplateValueFactory< T >
typedef T DataType
- Public Types inherited from RTT::types::TemplateCompositionFactory< T >
typedef T UserType
- Protected Attributes inherited from RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >
boost::shared_ptr< PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream > > mshared
const std::string tname

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct RTT::types::StdTypeInfo< T >

Type information for standard C types or structs of which no introspection is required. No boost::serialization function is required to use this class.

See also

Definition at line 58 of file StdTypeInfo.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class T>
RTT::types::StdTypeInfo< T >::StdTypeInfo ( const char *  type)

Definition at line 61 of file StdTypeInfo.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
virtual bool RTT::types::StdTypeInfo< T >::composeType ( base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr  source,
base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr  result 
) const

Reimplemented from RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >.

Definition at line 65 of file StdTypeInfo.hpp.

template<class T>
virtual base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr RTT::types::StdTypeInfo< T >::decomposeType ( base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr  source) const

A primitive type is decomposed into itself.

Reimplemented from RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >.

Definition at line 75 of file StdTypeInfo.hpp.

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