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rqt_logger_level.logger_level_widget.LoggerLevelWidget Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, caller)
def level_changed (self, row)
def logger_changed (self, row)
def node_changed (self, row)
def refresh_nodes (self)

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Detailed Description

Widget for use with LoggerLevelServiceCaller class to alter the ROS logger levels

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_widget.LoggerLevelWidget.__init__ (   self,
:param caller:
    service caller instance for sending service calls, ''LoggerLevelServiceCaller''

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_widget.LoggerLevelWidget.level_changed (   self,
Handles the rowchanged event for the level_list widget
Makes a service call to change the logger level for the indicated node/logger to the
selected value
:param row: the selected row in level_list, ''int''

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_widget.LoggerLevelWidget.logger_changed (   self,
Handles the rowchanged event for the logger_list widget
Populates level_list with the levels for the logger selected
:param row: the selected row in logger_list, ''int''

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_widget.LoggerLevelWidget.node_changed (   self,
Handles the rowchanged event for the node_list widget
Populates logger_list with the loggers for the node selected
:param row: the selected row in node_list, ''int''

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_widget.LoggerLevelWidget.refresh_nodes (   self)
Refreshes the top level node list and repoulates the node_list widget.
As a side effect the level and logger lists are cleared

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