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rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def get_levels (self)
def get_loggers (self, node)
def get_node_names (self)
def send_logger_change_message (self, node, logger, level)

Private Member Functions

def _refresh_loggers (self, node)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Handles service calls for getting lists of nodes and loggers
Also handles sending requests to change logger levels

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller.__init__ (   self)

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller._refresh_loggers (   self,
Stores a list of loggers available for passed in node
:param node: name of the node to query, ''str''

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller.get_levels (   self)

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller.get_loggers (   self,

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller.get_node_names (   self)
Gets a list of available services via a ros service call.
:returns: a list of all nodes that provide the set_logger_level service, ''list(str)''

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def rqt_logger_level.logger_level_service_caller.LoggerLevelServiceCaller.send_logger_change_message (   self,
Sends a logger level change request to 'node'.
:param node: name of the node to chaange, ''str''
:param logger: name of the logger to change, ''str''
:param level: name of the level to change, ''str''
:returns: True if the response is valid, ''bool''
:returns: False if the request raises an exception or would not change the cached state, ''bool''

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