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rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, parentfilter, rospack)
def handle_regex_clicked (self, clicked)
def handle_text_changed (self)
def repopulate (self)
def restore_settings (self, settings)
def save_settings (self, settings)
def set_regex (self, checked)
def set_text (self, text)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.__init__ (   self,
Widget for displaying interactive data related to text filtering.
:param parentfilter: buddy filter were data is stored, ''TimeFilter''

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.handle_regex_clicked (   self,

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def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.handle_text_changed (   self)

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def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.repopulate (   self)
Stub function.
If the widget had any dynamically adjustable data it would requery it
in this function.

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def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.restore_settings (   self,

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def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.save_settings (   self,

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def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.set_regex (   self,
Setter for the text edit widget
:param text: text to be placed in text_edit, ''str''

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def rqt_console.filters.text_filter_widget.TextFilterWidget.set_text (   self,
Setter for the text edit widget
:param text: text to be placed in text_edit, ''str''

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