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usbd_usr.h File Reference

Header file for usbd_usr.c. More...

#include "usbd_ioreq.h"
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void USBD_USR_DeviceConfigured (void)
 USBD_USR_DeviceConfigured Displays the message on LCD on device configuration Event. More...
void USBD_USR_DeviceConnected (void)
 USBD_USR_DeviceConnected Displays the message on LCD on device connection Event. More...
void USBD_USR_DeviceDisconnected (void)
 USBD_USR_DeviceDisonnected Displays the message on LCD on device disconnection Event. More...
void USBD_USR_DeviceReset (uint8_t speed)
 USBD_USR_DeviceReset Displays the message on LCD on device Reset Event. More...
void USBD_USR_DeviceResumed (void)
 USBD_USR_DeviceResumed Displays the message on LCD on device resume Event. More...
void USBD_USR_DeviceSuspended (void)
 USBD_USR_DeviceSuspended Displays the message on LCD on device suspend Event. More...
void USBD_USR_FS_DeviceConfigured (void)
void USBD_USR_FS_DeviceConnected (void)
void USBD_USR_FS_DeviceDisconnected (void)
void USBD_USR_FS_DeviceReset (uint8_t speed)
void USBD_USR_FS_DeviceResumed (void)
void USBD_USR_FS_DeviceSuspended (void)
void USBD_USR_FS_Init (void)
void USBD_USR_HS_DeviceConfigured (void)
void USBD_USR_HS_DeviceConnected (void)
void USBD_USR_HS_DeviceDisconnected (void)
void USBD_USR_HS_DeviceReset (uint8_t speed)
void USBD_USR_HS_DeviceResumed (void)
void USBD_USR_HS_DeviceSuspended (void)
void USBD_USR_HS_Init (void)
void USBD_USR_Init (void)
 USBD_USR_Init Displays the message on LCD for host lib initialization. More...


USBD_Usr_cb_TypeDef USR_cb
USBD_Usr_cb_TypeDef USR_FS_cb
USBD_Usr_cb_TypeDef USR_HS_cb

Detailed Description

Header file for usbd_usr.c.

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