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usbd_hid_core.c File Reference

This file provides the HID core functions. More...

#include "usbd_hid_core.h"
#include "usbd_desc.h"
#include "usbd_req.h"
#include "common/utils.h"
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uint8_t USBD_HID_DataIn (void *pdev, uint8_t epnum)
 USBD_HID_DataIn handle data IN Stage. More...
uint8_t USBD_HID_DeInit (void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
 USBD_HID_Init DeInitialize the HID layer. More...
static uint8_t * USBD_HID_GetCfgDesc (uint8_t speed, uint16_t *length)
 USBD_HID_GetCfgDesc return configuration descriptor. More...
uint32_t USBD_HID_GetPollingInterval (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev)
 USBD_HID_GetPollingInterval return polling interval from endpoint descriptor. More...
uint8_t USBD_HID_Init (void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
 USBD_HID_Init Initialize the HID interface. More...
uint8_t USBD_HID_SendReport (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev, uint8_t *report, uint16_t len)
 USBD_HID_SendReport Send HID Report. More...
uint8_t USBD_HID_Setup (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 USBD_HID_Setup Handle the HID specific requests. More...


static __ALIGN_BEGIN uint32_t USBD_HID_AltSet __ALIGN_END = 0
USBD_Class_cb_TypeDef USBD_HID_cb

Detailed Description

This file provides the HID core functions.

MCD Application Team
*          ===================================================================
*                                HID Class  Description
*          ===================================================================
*           This module manages the HID class V1.11 following the "Device Class Definition
*           for Human Interface Devices (HID) Version 1.11 Jun 27, 2001".
*           This driver implements the following aspects of the specification:
*             - The Boot Interface Subclass
*             - The Mouse protocol
*             - Usage Page : Generic Desktop
*             - Usage : Joystick)
*             - Collection : Application
* @note     In HS mode and when the DMA is used, all variables and data structures
*           dealing with the DMA during the transaction process should be 32-bit aligned.

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