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usbd_dfu_core.c File Reference

This file provides the high layer firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the USB DFU Class: More...

#include "usbd_dfu_core.h"
#include "usbd_desc.h"
#include "usbd_req.h"
#include "usb_bsp.h"
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static void DFU_LeaveDFUMode (void *pdev)
 DFU_LeaveDFUMode Handles the sub-protocol DFU leave DFU mode request (leaves DFU mode and resets device to jump to user loaded code). More...
static void DFU_Req_ABORT (void *pdev)
 DFU_Req_ABORT Handles the DFU ABORT request. More...
static void DFU_Req_CLRSTATUS (void *pdev)
 DFU_Req_CLRSTATUS Handles the DFU CLRSTATUS request. More...
static void DFU_Req_DETACH (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 DFU_Req_DETACH Handles the DFU DETACH request. More...
static void DFU_Req_DNLOAD (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 DFU_Req_DNLOAD Handles the DFU DNLOAD request. More...
static void DFU_Req_GETSTATE (void *pdev)
 DFU_Req_GETSTATE Handles the DFU GETSTATE request. More...
static void DFU_Req_GETSTATUS (void *pdev)
 DFU_Req_GETSTATUS Handles the DFU GETSTATUS request. More...
static void DFU_Req_UPLOAD (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 DFU_Req_UPLOAD Handles the DFU UPLOAD request. More...
static uint8_t EP0_RxReady (void *pdev)
 EP0_RxReady Handles the DFU control endpoint data OUT stage. More...
static uint8_t EP0_TxSent (void *pdev)
 EP0_TxSent Handles the DFU control endpoint data IN stage. More...
static uint8_t usbd_dfu_DeInit (void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
 usbd_dfu_Init De-initializes the DFU layer. More...
static uint8_t * USBD_DFU_GetCfgDesc (uint8_t speed, uint16_t *length)
 USBD_DFU_GetCfgDesc Returns configuration descriptor. More...
static uint8_t * USBD_DFU_GetUsrStringDesc (uint8_t speed, uint8_t index, uint16_t *length)
 USBD_DFU_GetUsrStringDesc Manages the transfer of memory interfaces string descriptors. More...
static uint8_t usbd_dfu_Init (void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
 usbd_dfu_Init Initializes the DFU interface. More...
static uint8_t usbd_dfu_Setup (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 usbd_dfu_Setup Handles the DFU request parsing. More...


uint8_t DeviceState
uint8_t DeviceStatus [6]
USBD_Class_cb_TypeDef DFU_cb
uint8_t MAL_Buffer []
uint32_t Manifest_State = Manifest_complete
static uint32_t Pointer = APP_DEFAULT_ADD
static __IO uint32_t usbd_dfu_AltSet = 0
const uint8_t * usbd_dfu_StringDesc []
static uint32_t wBlockNum = 0
static uint32_t wlength = 0

Detailed Description

This file provides the high layer firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the USB DFU Class:

MCD Application Team
  • Initialization and Configuration of high and low layer
  • Enumeration as DFU Device (and enumeration for each implemented memory interface)
  • Transfers to/from memory interfaces
  • Easy-to-customize "plug-in-like" modules for adding/removing memory interfaces.
  • Error management
*          ===================================================================      
*                                DFU Class Driver Description
*          =================================================================== 
*           This driver manages the DFU class V1.1 following the "Device Class Specification for 
*           Device Firmware Upgrade Version 1.1 Aug 5, 2004".
*           This driver implements the following aspects of the specification:
*             - Device descriptor management
*             - Configuration descriptor management
*             - Enumeration as DFU device (in DFU mode only)
*             - Requests management (supporting ST DFU sub-protocol)
*             - Memory operations management (Download/Upload/Erase/Detach/GetState/GetStatus)
*             - DFU state machine implementation.
*           @note
*            ST DFU sub-protocol is compliant with DFU protocol and use sub-requests to manage
*            memory addressing, commands processing, specific memories operations (ie. Erase) ...
*            As required by the DFU specification, only endpoint 0 is used in this application.
*            Other endpoints and functions may be added to the application (ie. DFU ...)
*           These aspects may be enriched or modified for a specific user application.
*           This driver doesn't implement the following aspects of the specification 
*           (but it is possible to manage these features with some modifications on this driver):
*             - Manifestation Tolerant mode

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