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usbd_audio_out_if.c File Reference

This file provides the Audio Out (palyback) interface API. More...

#include "usbd_audio_core.h"
#include "usbd_audio_out_if.h"
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static uint8_t AudioCmd (uint8_t *pbuf, uint32_t size, uint8_t cmd)
 AudioCmd Play, Stop, Pause or Resume current file. More...
static uint8_t DeInit (uint32_t options)
 DeInit Free all resources used by low layer and stops audio-play function. More...
static uint8_t GetState (void)
 GetState Return the current state of the audio machine. More...
static uint8_t Init (uint32_t AudioFreq, uint32_t Volume, uint32_t options)
 Init Initialize and configures all required resources for audio play function. More...
static uint8_t MuteCtl (uint8_t cmd)
 MuteCtl Mute or Unmute the audio current output. More...
static uint8_t PeriodicTC (uint8_t cmd)
static uint8_t VolumeCtl (uint8_t vol)
 VolumeCtl Set the volume level in %. More...


static uint8_t AudioState = AUDIO_STATE_INACTIVE

Detailed Description

This file provides the Audio Out (palyback) interface API.

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