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usbd_audio_core.c File Reference

This file provides the high layer firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the USB Audio Class: More...

#include "usbd_audio_core.h"
#include "usbd_audio_out_if.h"
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static void AUDIO_Req_GetCurrent (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 AUDIO_Req_GetCurrent Handles the GET_CUR Audio control request. More...
static void AUDIO_Req_SetCurrent (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 AUDIO_Req_SetCurrent Handles the SET_CUR Audio control request. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_DataIn (void *pdev, uint8_t epnum)
 usbd_audio_DataIn Handles the audio IN data stage. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_DataOut (void *pdev, uint8_t epnum)
 usbd_audio_DataOut Handles the Audio Out data stage. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_DeInit (void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
 usbd_audio_Init DeInitializes the AUDIO layer. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_EP0_RxReady (void *pdev)
 usbd_audio_EP0_RxReady Handles audio control requests data. More...
static uint8_t * USBD_audio_GetCfgDesc (uint8_t speed, uint16_t *length)
 USBD_audio_GetCfgDesc Returns configuration descriptor. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_Init (void *pdev, uint8_t cfgidx)
 usbd_audio_Init Initilaizes the AUDIO interface. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_OUT_Incplt (void *pdev)
 usbd_audio_OUT_Incplt Handles the iso out incomplete event. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_Setup (void *pdev, USB_SETUP_REQ *req)
 usbd_audio_Setup Handles the Audio control request parsing. More...
static uint8_t usbd_audio_SOF (void *pdev)
 usbd_audio_SOF Handles the SOF event (data buffer update and synchronization). More...


USBD_Class_cb_TypeDef AUDIO_cb
uint8_t AudioCtl [64]
uint8_t AudioCtlCmd = 0
uint32_t AudioCtlLen = 0
uint8_t AudioCtlUnit = 0
uint8_t IsocOutBuff [TOTAL_OUT_BUF_SIZE *2]
uint8_t * IsocOutRdPtr = IsocOutBuff
uint8_t * IsocOutWrPtr = IsocOutBuff
static uint32_t PlayFlag = 0
static __IO uint32_t usbd_audio_AltSet = 0
static uint8_t usbd_audio_CfgDesc [AUDIO_CONFIG_DESC_SIZE]

Detailed Description

This file provides the high layer firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the USB Audio Class:

MCD Application Team
  • Initialization and Configuration of high and low layer
  • Enumeration as Audio Streaming Device
  • Audio Streaming data transfer
  • AudioControl requests management
  • Error management
*          ===================================================================      
*                                Audio Class Driver Description
*          =================================================================== 
*           This driver manages the Audio Class 1.0 following the "USB Device Class Definition for
*           Audio Devices V1.0 Mar 18, 98".
*           This driver implements the following aspects of the specification:
*             - Device descriptor management
*             - Configuration descriptor management
*             - Standard AC Interface Descriptor management
*             - 1 Audio Streaming Interface (with single channel, PCM, Stereo mode)
*             - 1 Audio Streaming Endpoint
*             - 1 Audio Terminal Input (1 channel)
*             - Audio Class-Specific AC Interfaces
*             - Audio Class-Specific AS Interfaces
*             - AudioControl Requests: only SET_CUR and GET_CUR requests are supported (for Mute)
*             - Audio Feature Unit (limited to Mute control)
*             - Audio Synchronization type: Asynchronous
*             - Single fixed audio sampling rate (configurable in usbd_conf.h file)
*           @note
*            The Audio Class 1.0 is based on USB Specification 1.0 and thus supports only
*            Low and Full speed modes and does not allow High Speed transfers.
*            Please refer to "USB Device Class Definition for Audio Devices V1.0 Mar 18, 98"
*            for more details.
*           These aspects may be enriched or modified for a specific user application.
*            This driver doesn't implement the following aspects of the specification 
*            (but it is possible to manage these features with some modifications on this driver):
*             - AudioControl Endpoint management
*             - AudioControl requsests other than SET_CUR and GET_CUR
*             - Abstraction layer for AudioControl requests (only Mute functionality is managed)
*             - Audio Synchronization type: Adaptive
*             - Audio Compression modules and interfaces
*             - MIDI interfaces and modules
*             - Mixer/Selector/Processing/Extension Units (Feature unit is limited to Mute control)
*             - Any other application-specific modules
*             - Multiple and Variable audio sampling rates
*             - Out Streaming Endpoint/Interface (microphone)

© COPYRIGHT 2012 STMicroelectronics

Licensed under MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2, (the "License"); You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:

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