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breezy/breezystm32/lib/STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Driver/src/misc.c File Reference
#include "misc.h"
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#define AIRCR_VECTKEY_MASK   ((uint32_t)0x05FA0000)


void NVIC_Init (NVIC_InitTypeDef *NVIC_InitStruct)
 Initializes the NVIC peripheral according to the specified parameters in the NVIC_InitStruct. More...
void NVIC_PriorityGroupConfig (uint32_t NVIC_PriorityGroup)
 Configures the priority grouping: pre-emption priority and subpriority. More...
void NVIC_SetVectorTable (uint32_t NVIC_VectTab, uint32_t Offset)
 Sets the vector table location and Offset. More...
void NVIC_SystemLPConfig (uint8_t LowPowerMode, FunctionalState NewState)
 Selects the condition for the system to enter low power mode. More...
void SysTick_CLKSourceConfig (uint32_t SysTick_CLKSource)
 Configures the SysTick clock source. More...

Author(s): Daniel Koch , James Jackson
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