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def msg_gen.compute_full_text_escaped (gen_deps_dict)
def msg_gen.cpp_message_declarations (name_prefix, msg)
def msg_gen.default_value (type)
def msg_gen.escape_string (str)
def msg_gen.generate (msg_path)
def msg_gen.generate_messages (argv)
def msg_gen.is_fixed_length (spec)
def msg_gen.is_hex_string (str)
def msg_gen.msg_type_to_cpp (type)
def msg_gen.takes_allocator (type)
def msg_gen.write_begin (s, spec, file)
def msg_gen.write_constant_declaration (s, constant)
def msg_gen.write_constant_declarations (s, spec)
def msg_gen.write_constant_definition (s, spec, constant)
def msg_gen.write_constant_definitions (s, spec)
def msg_gen.write_constructors (s, spec, cpp_name_prefix)
def msg_gen.write_deprecated_member_functions (s, spec, traits)
def msg_gen.write_end (s, spec)
def msg_gen.write_fixed_length_assigns (s, spec, container_gets_allocator, cpp_name_prefix)
def msg_gen.write_generic_includes (s)
def msg_gen.write_includes (s, spec)
def msg_gen.write_initializer_list (s, spec, container_gets_allocator)
def msg_gen.write_member (s, field)
def msg_gen.write_members (s, spec)
def msg_gen.write_operations (s, spec, cpp_name_prefix)
def msg_gen.write_ostream_operator (s, spec, cpp_name_prefix)
def msg_gen.write_serialization (s, spec, cpp_name_prefix)
def msg_gen.write_struct (s, spec, cpp_name_prefix, extra_deprecated_traits={})
def msg_gen.write_trait_char_class (s, class_name, cpp_msg_with_alloc, value, write_static_hex_value=False)
def msg_gen.write_trait_true_class (s, class_name, cpp_msg_with_alloc)
def msg_gen.write_traits (s, spec, cpp_name_prefix, datatype=None, rospack=None)


dictionary msg_gen.MSG_TYPE_TO_CPP

Author(s): Morgan Quigley, Josh Faust, Brian Gerkey, Troy Straszheim, Dirk Thomas
autogenerated on Mon Nov 2 2020 03:52:26