Rapp Indexer APIs

Rapp Indexer provides follwing APIs

class rocon_app_utilities.RappIndexer(raw_data=None, package_whitelist=None, package_blacklist=[], packages_path=None, source=None)[source]
get_compatible_rapps(uri='rocon://', ancestor_share_check=False)[source]

returns all rapps which are compatible with given URI

Parameters:uri (str) – Rocon URI
Returns:a dict of compatible rapps, a dict of incompatible rapps, a dict of invalid rapps
Return type:{resource_name:rocon_app_utilities.Rapp}, {resource_name:rocon_app_utilities.Rapp}, {resource_name:str}

returns complete rapp instance which includes inherited attributes from its parent

Parameters:name (rapp) – Rapp name
Returns:rapp instance
Return type:rocon_app_utilities.rapp.Rapp
Raises:RappNotExistException: the given rapp name does not exist

returns rapp instance of given name

Parameters:rapp_name (str) – rapp name
Return type:rocon_app_utilities.Rapp
Raises:RappNotExistException: the given rapp name does not exist

Updates this index with the rapps from the other_indexer.

Parameters:other_indexer (rocon_app_utilities.RappIndexer) – the other inder

returns the dot graph format. Not Implemented Yet.

update_index(package_whitelist=None, package_blacklist=[])[source]

Crawls rocon apps from ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and generates raw_data dictionary.

  • package_whitelist ([str]) – list of target package list
  • package_blacklist ([str]) – list of blacklisted package

Writes the index to a gzipped tarball.

Parameters:filename_prefix (str) – the pathname of the archive with out the suffix ‘.index.tar.gz’