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status_indicator_widget_unit_test.TestStatusIndicatorWidget Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def setUp (self)
def test_set_HW_status (self)
def test_set_operation_modes (self)
def test_set_ROS_status (self)
def test_set_speed (self)

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Detailed Description

These tests ensure that status changes for the widget make the correct
calls internally to display these information correctly.

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Member Function Documentation

def status_indicator_widget_unit_test.TestStatusIndicatorWidget.setUp (   self)
initializing a widget to be tested.

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def status_indicator_widget_unit_test.TestStatusIndicatorWidget.test_set_HW_status (   self)
Testing whether the LED for the HW status is turning correctly
red and green.

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def status_indicator_widget_unit_test.TestStatusIndicatorWidget.test_set_operation_modes (   self)
Testing whether setting the operation mode loads the correct icon
and displays the right text.

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def status_indicator_widget_unit_test.TestStatusIndicatorWidget.test_set_ROS_status (   self)
Testing whether the LED for the ROS status is turning correctly
red and green.

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def status_indicator_widget_unit_test.TestStatusIndicatorWidget.test_set_speed (   self)
Testing whether the speed override values are interpreted in the
widget correctly, both for the conversion to percentage and the
capping of input values between 0 and 1.

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