packml_msgs/Stats Message

File: packml_msgs/Stats.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This message contains machine agnostic information that is extracted from PackML
# standard states

std_msgs/Header header       # Time stamp when stats were captured
std_msgs/Duration duration      # Duration over which statistics are calculated

# State duration - Sum of state durations should equal total duraction above
std_msgs/Duration idle_duration
std_msgs/Duration exe_duration
std_msgs/Duration held_duration
std_msgs/Duration susp_duration
std_msgs/Duration cmplt_duration
std_msgs/Duration stop_duration
std_msgs/Duration abort_duration

ItemizedStats[] error_items          # Each item represents a machine fault
ItemizedStats[] quality_items        # Each item represents a quality state

int32 cycle_count               # General cycle count
int32 success_count             # Number of successful cycles
int32 fail_count                # Number of failure cycles
float32 throughput              # Successful cycles/exe_duration above

# Derives/calculated statistics
# OEE -
float32 availability
float32 performance
float32 quality
float32 overall_equipment_effectiveness

Compact Message Definition

std_msgs/Header header
std_msgs/Duration duration
std_msgs/Duration idle_duration
std_msgs/Duration exe_duration
std_msgs/Duration held_duration
std_msgs/Duration susp_duration
std_msgs/Duration cmplt_duration
std_msgs/Duration stop_duration
std_msgs/Duration abort_duration
packml_msgs/ItemizedStats[] error_items
packml_msgs/ItemizedStats[] quality_items
int32 cycle_count
int32 success_count
int32 fail_count
float32 throughput
float32 availability
float32 performance
float32 quality
float32 overall_equipment_effectiveness