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cost_interpretation.h File Reference
#include <nav_grid/nav_grid.h>
#include <nav_grid_iterators/whole_grid.h>
#include <vector>
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template<typename IntegralType >
void nav_grid_pub_sub::applyInterpretation (nav_grid::NavGrid< IntegralType > &grid, const std::vector< IntegralType > &cost_interpretation_table)
 Apply a given interpretation to the provided nav grid. More...
template<typename NumericType , typename IntegralType >
NumericType nav_grid_pub_sub::interpretCost (IntegralType original_value, const std::vector< NumericType > &cost_interpretation_table)
 return cost_interpretation_table[original_value] (or original_value if not a valid index) More...
template<typename NumericType >
unsigned char nav_grid_pub_sub::interpretValue (const NumericType value, const NumericType min_value, const NumericType denominator, const NumericType unknown_value)
 Scale the given value to fit within [0, 100] (unless its ignore_value, then its -1) More...

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